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Salt & Fat: I’m back

Hi All,

I have not written in a while. School has been really busy.  I just finished my seventh grade year which was a really important year. I am now in search of the perfect high school. My revival of this blog will not only include food reviews, but I will start writing more generally about food education and what current events are happening in and around food in America.

The restaurant that I would like to share with you today is a place, in Sunnyside, Queens, that my family and I discovered over a month ago. The Restaurant we dined at was ” Salt and Fat”. Salt and Fat has a small menu, but everything on the menu was fabulous.  As we entered a cramped elongated restaurant, the hostess greeted us with a friendly smile and the one page menu.  Minutes after our waiter brought us  popcorn in little brown paper bags. Seems a bit mainstream until we taste it. I don’t want to give this savory little secret away so you will have to go visit and taste it for yourself.  We finished every kernel even the uncooked ones.  Soon after we ordered our food, the appetizers arrived. I ordered the scallops which were delectable. They were perfectly seared on both sides  and they melted in my mouth with every bite.  What an amazing dish. Another appetizer I would recommend would be the muscles. The muscles came in a delicious broth with lardons and corn on the cob. Totally unique. The broth was light and tasty. We loved the sauce so much we asked for extra bread to dip into the broth. Delicious!  My  main courses finally arrived. I ordered Arctic char. Arctic char is very similar to salmon but ,in my perspective, a bit more delicate.  The dish was paired with kale, chorizo and a brown butter sauce that complimented the fish perfectly.  My mom ordered a Korean style fried chicken for the table that was amazing. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the crispy coating was flaky and salty.  What toped off the meal was the dessert.  It was a warm rice crispy treat with marshmallow ice-cream. WOW! This restaurant is unique and fresh and a real stand out.  A true Queens gem!

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